Give and receive, same day, same amount!

The 2019 theme of my 26 June birthday was peace. Peace in our hearts and peace in the world. One week earlier, I received a WhatsApp picture from a family friend, Cynthia, to whom I had handed down some dresses a couple of years back. In the picture, she was flaunting one of the dresses, then told me to see how my generosity reflects on her looks. It took me a while to remember the dress. I have a creed, if you don’t wear it for over 3 months, you don’t need it (exception made to party outfits though). This creed was inspired by reverend Sister Sally while I was in secondary school.

Fast forward one week later on my birthday. Cynthia WhatsApp-wished me HBD. I thanked her and then sought to know more on what she is up to.  She told me she has completed training to become a teacher, and while waiting to be integrated into the public service, she is pursuing a degree program in the University of Bamenda. I was inspired by her willingness to further her studies while waiting (such waits can range from zero to a couple years). I asked when next her school fee was due and she said September. I tasked her to give me a gentle reminder around that time.

About an hour later, I got a phone call from a former colleague who asked what I plan to do for my birthday. I told him it’s been a very long time since I cut a cake on my birthday, so I planned to pick one up during the day and share with family at home. He immediately offered to pick up the bill! I was humbled and grateful, and in a very cheery tone, I told him not to worry, the birthday cakes I usually get for myself and the kids never goes above 6k (it is just cake right?). A few minutes later he called requesting that I check my mobile money balance. I quickly checked and behold, the very same amount of money I offered to pay Cynthia’s school fees in September was sent to me for my birthday cake (50k)! Thanks immensely Peter! 

Humbled, and smiling, I received the gift as a very beautiful reminder from God telling us, “Give and you shall receive”. It is a Universal Law. Disciples of the Law of Attraction know this. Sometimes you receive the same day, the same amount, other days you receive a hundred fold, other times multiplied in your wildest imagination.  Whatever it is, it is just the Universal Principle in action. I have so many testimonies of giving and receiving on the same day, it feels good sharing this one.

Conversely, do not give because you want to receive. Intention matters. Give because you want to create joy in another. I may be between jobs at the moment but for me, giving is a powerful statement indicating that: “There is more where that came from,” and, “Universal Abundance is there for us to draw inspiration from”.

Some say God loves a cheerful giver. For me, it is the other way round. A cheerful giver loves God. We are all individuations of God. The same Spirit of God is in each one of us, in other words, we are all made in the image of God. We are one with God. Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers/sisters, that, you do unto YOU. Go therefore, and put a smile on the faces of God’s children, and by extension, to your very soul and to God.

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